Elements to Include in a Strategic Brand Refresh 

If you want to have a total make-over for your company, a brand refreshis the best thing to do. We could not deny that time will come that our marketing strategy will fade, our sales will decrease, and our logo will become out of trend. However, it should not stress us since brand refreshment is the perfect solution for everything. Brand refreshment will transform your company into something better. It allows your company to maintain its highlight and unique look in the market and continuously gain viewers and audiences. There are many ways on how to refresh a brand successfully. It includes the following: transforming your company`s logo or design, updating the slogan of your company, changing your company`s color, conduct a refreshment to the materials for marketing, and using anew font style.  



Brand refresh needs a strategic plan for better results. It needs to involve process as it will reflect your company`s performance. Branding will allow your customer to know your company, what it stands for, why your customer should patronize and care for your product, and persuade them to be a real client. If you want to have a great brand, you need to exert effort and time. You need to hire experts and professionals that will help with your company`s brand refreshments. Do you have any idea about the elements that you should include in your company`s brand refresh? If none, then worry no more because this article will help you in this matter.  

Here are the elements to include in strategic brand refreshment:  



One of the most significant elements of brand refreshment is the research. Before conducting a brand refresh, you need to research to know more about the company and its difference from others. You can ask the company`s senior leader different helpful questions. You can also conduct qualitative interviews for accurate answers and responses. In this manner, you will get authentic and truthful words that will help you create a new and strong brand.  



Before conducting a brand refreshment, you need to go deeper and understand that your company needs to stand-out from others in the market at this moment. You need to perform a cutthroat analysis that will help you come with these factors to consider in brand refreshment: digital and social/ website presence, styles, colors, logos, taglines, fonts, value proposition, key messages, content marketing, leadership, and many more.  



After conducting research and cutthroat analysis, you need to create key messages that put your company on top of the market. The message should reach your target customers and touch their rational and emotional being. You should also make a creative way of introducing your company and what makes your company different from others.  



If you think that your logo is out-dated, then you should update or change it. However, it is unnecessary to c change your logo completely, all you have to do is enhance its color, style, and messaging.   



After establishing a new and unique system of identity, you need to ensure that everything in your company that uses your logo will be aware of the new design. You should examine them carefully and update them to prevent future problems.  


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